Lilla Affärn is -- for now at least -- a passion project. Its primary goal is to evolve into a broad art collective, consisting of music groups, artists, writers and other appropriate cultural professions alike. It will work as a hub and a gathering point for housing artists, to showcase, recommend and establish their work. Although a clarification must be made. Lilla Affärn is not a record label per se, however, I intend to make it commercially viable.

I want Lilla Affärn to be making a magazine, as well as host gatherings and small-scale festivals. But these things are well long in coming, meanwhile the short-term goal is to gather artists I like and who like what Lilla Affärn can become.

Lilla Affärn is made by and for artists and consumers alike. /Svante Nordenson
contact: lillaffarn@gmail.com